PowersOf 10

World's 1st XR STEM Metaverse & Universe Simulation
From Multiverse to Molecules
Big Bang to Brains

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Travese all of spacetime
on a magic carpet ride into the infinite.

Mixed Reality

Powers of 10 is made by The IMC Lab a VR+AR+XR incubator
mixing virtual+real, arts+education.

The exploration of the cosmos
is a voyage of self-discovery...
The cosmos is all that is, all that was, or ever will be.
Carl Sagan

Education Simulation

Explore atoms, cells, brain + heart
Earth, Galaxy, universe + cosmic calendar.

Immersive learning with
NASA data, CT/MRI scans + 3D microscopy.
Unlock the cosmos' greatest mysteries.


Now available on Meta Quest & Apple App Stores!

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Immersive NASA datasets


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From The IMC Lab:
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